Keeneland Concours Society


    Concours d'Elegance Events, July 16-19, 2015

Join the Members of Keeneland Concours Society!  


  Members will receive a limited edition 10th anniversary numbered badge.  These     anniversary badges were produced to commemorate the Keeneland Concours 10th   Anniversary.    


  Sorry, the Gold Level badges for this year’s 10th anniversary have been sold out.


  There are a limited number of Silver Level 10th anniversary badges still available. 



Please call 859.422.3329 to receive your silver badge and to become a member of the Keeneland Concours Society.


Proceeds benefit Kentucky Children’s Hospital at the University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY.



Tom & Connie Jones

Frank & Sue Entwisle

Ken & Adell Hold

Ed & Carryl Howell

Ray & Beverly Larmee

Jim & Rose Levenson

Mark Reynolds & Karen Webb

Mike & Dawn Scanlon

David Waller

Dr. Jay & Shelia Zwischenberger







Bill & Rochella Alley                                        

Chris & Susan Anderson                               

David Anspach                                                   

John Bools                                                            

Mike Brawley                                                       

David & Katherine Brown

Dr. Frank A. & Martina A. Butler                               

Chris & Diane Cashen                                    

Lois E. Cobb                                                          

Tony Dehner                                                         

Bill & Joan Dempsey

Michael A. Fulkerson                                        

Michael Gehrig                                                    

Pete Gerity                                                             

Joe & Doris Grant                                               

Chuck Griffis                                                         

Steve Gunder

Roger & Denise Hatton                                                      

John Haulbrook

John B Johnson                                                  

Tom & Connie Jones                                       

Billy & Lorinda Jones                        

Kenny & Karen Keeling

Van Kirk             

Dean Langdon

Clem Lange

Romeo Laureano

Jim & Pat Lawrence

Steve & Marie Leiding

Rose & Jim Levenson

Tim & Trish McNeely

Patrick J. Meyer & Jennifer M. Super

N.D.T., Inc

Andrew Pennington

Alec Phillips

Jeff Phillips

Jay Quail

Rick & Marion Queen

Brady & Glenda Ratliff

Curt & Peggy Richards

Doug Rood & Taft McKinstry Rood

Fred Rutherford

Fred Ryburn

Ed & Tracy Steverson

Ric Stofer & Connie Tucker

Dale & Gloria Strassner

Jesse & AngelaTamura

Kenneth E. Watts

Rodney Worley




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