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Keeneland Concours

All are volunteer positions suited best for those who want to give back to their community while working with a great organization with a lot of heart. Not only that but you'll be helping our beneficiary the Kentucky Children’s Hospital.


Click to see the details below about openings for team members in the following areas:

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Photography Director>>

Social Media Promotion>>


Writers and Editors>>


Car Selection Committee Class Leaders

• Responsible for acquiring cars to complete a class. Eight cars is the maximum per class.

• Selecting cars requires surfing the internet, talking to individual car owners and attending other concours and car shows.

• Enthusiastic individual interested in talking cars.

• Special interest in electric cars is a focus point for 2018 but not a requirement.

  The featured Marque this year is BMW.


• Interested individuals please contact Ray Szeluga, Director - Keeneland Concours d’Elegance Car Selection, 859.396.7869 or


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Director of Photography

• Coordinates the Keeneland Concours photography needs. This person could actually be an administrator type gathering information and delegating photo assignments.

A few of the responsibilities are:

• Coordinate team requests for photo coverage.

• Recruit photographers who can contribute to the Keeneland Photo Archive.

• Assign photographers various tasks to ensure proper coverage

• Edit and upload photos to galleries created on SmugMug site.

• Create short video promoting KCD for the Program sales team.

• Coordinate the Facebook posts and boosting ads for events.

• Process Media requests and Media credentials.

• Interested individuals please contact Dave Howard, Director - Keeneland Concours d’Elegance Photography, 502 724-2278 or

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Video / Social Media Team Members

• Energetic individuals who own a smartphone with photo / video capabilities. Our main

objective is to engage with people on-line and entice them to come out to the show. These individuals will be responsible to walk the show field on Saturday and take still photos and videos. Mostly videos. These might be as short as 10 seconds and as long as a 2 minutes.

These would be uploaded on the spot to the Keeneland FaceBook page and other social media outlets. Short tag lines and/or voice recording what is going on at the show.


• Interested individuals please contact Dave Howard, Director - Keeneland Concours d’Elegance Photography, 502 724-2278 or


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• Skilled individuals who own pro/consumer level cameras with an assortment of lens.

• Strong eye for composition. Patience to wait until a shot of a car is best represented.

• Knowledge of the cameras controls and how to make accurate documentation of scenes and automobiles.

• Photoshop skills to edit, name and catalog images.

• Transfer images to Director of Photography in a timely manner, usually 2 weeks after the event.


Interested individuals please contact Dave Howard, Director - Keeneland Concours d’Elegance Photography, 502 724-2278 or


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Writers and Editors

We are seeking writers and editors to join the team that produces our AWARD WINNING event program, public relations and advertising releases, vacancies created because our past editor moved away from Kentucky.


Responsibilities: A detailed list of tasks was created by our former editor and is  available to assist the new volunteers on the team in the areas of: 


  • Written content for our program, such as a featured Marque article, as well as automotive and human interest related stories. Most will require writing original content that will be reviewed and edited by the program team prior to publication.
  • Working with the car selection team to source data for each car profiled in the classes and composing that information into vivid descriptions of those cars in compliance with our established style guide for inclusion in the event program.
  • Providing and editing Concours ads and press releases.


 There are tasks with deadlines beginning in the early winter through the end of the summer.


Requirements: An aptitude for and willingness to be a team player. Professional writing skills and experience. Note that expertise with cars or experience in automotive writing is not required.


Interested individuals please contact David Brown, Director - Keeneland Concours d’Elegance Program Design, 859 553-6811 or



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